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How does a chiropractor know where and when to adjust?

By usingThe Gonstead system!

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead created this system of chiropractic using his knowledge of bio-mechanics and years of clinical experience.  This system employs five basic analytical tools to determine where, when and how a person should be adjusted.  By using X-rays, Instrumentation, Palpation, Visualization and Symptomatology, the chiropractor using this system can provide exceptional care for patients of all ages.

X-ray : The Gonstead system uses x-ray to visualize the entire spine.  This allows evaluation of disease processes, fracture, joint and vertebral disc integrity and spinal misalignment.

Instrumentation : Gonstead chiropractors use many types of "scopes."  These instruments detect uneven heat along the spine which indicates inflammation and nerve pressure.

Palpation : By using their hand a Gonstead chiropractor can feel areas of swelling, tightness and abnormal texture.  We also feel the way the spine moves in all directions and especially ways in which normal motion is lacking.

Visualization : Subtle changes in posture, movement of feet and hips, areas of blemished skin; these indicators and many more are seen by the Gonstead chiropractor and correlated with other indicators to confirm our findings.

Symptomatology : What a person is feeling is very important, especially when that sensation is unpleasant.  The specific information about the location, type, intensity and frequency of the symptom helps the Gonstead chiropractor hone in on the specific nature of the problem and should match up with the other four areas of analysis.

By using these five tools I am able to deliver a specific, precise and accurate adjustment, taylor made for your specific needs. 


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