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Why Chiropractic?

I was a "Why" child.  I'm sure that I drove my parents crazy, always asking, "Why."  One of my most important and memorable "why" moments happened after my sister ate most of a bottle of children's aspirin.  You remember, the ones with the yummy orange flavor.   I asked why she had to have it pumped out of her stomach.  Doesn't medicine make you healthier?   My mom and dad told me that if a person isn't really sick, medicine would make them sick.   I was still a litle confused.  Why would medicine make a healthy person sick and  not make a sick person even sicker?   I now understand that if a person is truly sick and has deteriorated beyond the body's ability to heal, that some medicine may help that person recover.  But the full truth is that if the body is unable to heal and recover, unfortunately the person will continue to get sicker and sicker, until they eventually pass away.  No kind or amount of medicine will change that. 

Chiropractic is different.  It has a completely different way of working.  Chiropractic care helps the body maintain the essential ability to control and maintain all its functions, including the ability to heal and recover from sickness or injury.  Chiropractic care does not focus on treating a specific symptom.  Rather chiropractic care truly helps a person achieve a greater degree of health. 

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